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This semester in English 1102, I’ve learned a whole lot. I know that I’m a good writer, just maybe not the kind of writing that I wish it was. I’m really lame with writing analyses and research papers but I can make up a damn good story. Score for me. But what I really learned in this class is that my views or opinions are not the only views or opinions that matter. I popped that bubble and discovered that of course I have to look at an argument several ways and be broad about what I’m thinking. In my research paper on terrorism, I saw that besides America, there are several countries that are dealing with national security problems that I never even thought about. Like Canada, who wants to attack Canada? Well apparently someone does.


AND I’ve learned a whole lot about the media and beauty and American ideals. I shouldn’t “think Kardashian” like I have been because it’s not right and it’s not fair to people who are looking to make peace with themselves. I’m always conscious about what I’m reading or what product I’m buying now.


I’ve always been into journalism, but I haven’t really found my path yet, whether it has something to do with writing or not, I know that I’ll at least be able to write a clear and concise paper that takes into account all angles, thanks to books like “Beyond Words” and “The Curious Researcher.” Thank goodness for this class, although 8 am isn’t exactly an ideal time. Ever.




Arby’s has been known for its “creative” advertisements over the years. This is an example of one of their more colorful options. Shown are two hamburgers side by side with a pair of arms crossing over themselves to cover up the burger, implying a pair of breasts. Clearly woman’s roles in advertising haven’t really changed over the years as much as we would have liked, and this is a funny yet intensely sexual example of that. Their tagline is “something you’ll drool over.” Ah yes, of course it is. An ad like this is completely unoriginal and seen all too often but with different items, i.e. melons, basketballs, you know what I’m talking about.

This ad is a clear target for men, because who doesn’t like a nice set of boobs? If it were for women, I’m sure the burgers would be in different spots. The pathos appeal here is that it uses instinct and desire to really draw you into reading the rest of the advertisements, a clever but obvious move. Bright colors draw our eyes in even more. The image is huge and right in the center of the page where as they don’t even display the name of the burger. What am I supposed to order once I get to where? Oh, Arby’s, a nice logo tucked away into the corner of the paper. Smart move, Arby’s.

Peer comments: Philemon Miller and Preston West

Today in American society, pop culture dominates. It’s all about beauty and advertising and healthcare and music. But what about the other side of our culture? Our paranoia reigns above all. Since the 9/11 attacks, America’s guard has tightened to the point of multicultural asphyxiation, meaning we no longer accept other cultures unless paranoia sets in along with it. Today, terrorism is on the front of every newspaper. National security information isn’t made out for the public, leaving people to wonder what’s happening. So many concerns have risen; the Patriot Act being one of them. Where’s the line between national safety and privacy violation? What have Americans learned since 9/11? These thoughts are heavily explored in this research paper where I try to figure out how America is coping with the war on terrorism. What does it mean to be American at this time?


Today, Terrorism is the nation’s best excuse for racism and hate. Mosques are set on fire and protests are broken up daily. The September attacks have taught us to be scared and worried for our lives, when no threats are present. But the fact is that terrorism isn’t only a middle eastern probably, it’s happening on our own soil. People need to understand that there are real threats out there, but the threats are also among our own. We need to rewire our brains to remember that we are all equally responsible for what happens in our nation.


Peer Comment: Anna Carreira

Pike, George H. “The PATRIOT Act Illuminated.” Information Today [Medford] May 2007: n. pag. Print


I found this article through FSU’s library website simply by typing in the words “PATRIOT Act.” It came up with several only articles but I found this one to be the most fitting for my topic.


It mentions in depth all the Civil Liberties threats that will come about once the Patriot Act was enabled, a very heavily mentioned area in my paper.

“Rummaging in our souls, we often dig up something that ought to have lain there unnoticed.”


Never has a classic love story come to life so vividly than this remake of Tolstoy’s Russian tale by director Joe Wright. The beautiful Anna Karenina is married to Russian wealth that has given her a very beautiful and glamorous life, but Anna searches and finds love in the young and handsome Count Vronsky, a cavalry officer. This newfound love threatens to ruin her reputation, where she is forced to make a choice, a disgraced reputation or a life with something missing. But is a love doomed to fail worth losing a lifetime of glamour? The tale comes to theatres in the US November 9, 2012. This is a must see movie for the winter.


“You have to know your thesis before you start.”

I highly disagree. Usually when I start writing a paper, I rant on for about tow or three pages just to figure out what interest me the most about the subject, and I build a thesis from there. Often ill write parts of the body paragraphs first, as unconventional as that is. But it gives me a good me a good foundation on how I should structure my paper better.

“You can use your own views and experiences as observation.”

Absolutely! In all of my papers, around half of what I write is me talking, not facts or research that Ive gathered and that makes a paper so much more interesting to write, and read. Id love to know why a writer chose the topic they chose, and talking about your own experiences is a great way to help the reader understand. Most people want to hear what you have to say about something, whether they agree with it or not.

“Form matters more than content.”

I disagree. Form is just as important as content. The most boring papers can have perfect form, but if no one wants to read it, then why put in all that hard work? Yet, someone can write an amazing research paper and make excellent points and that’s all fantastic, but professionalism is also very important and if I wanted my paper to be taken seriously by a publication or even an average reader of course I wouldn’t want to look messy.

I’ve had plenty of experience with research, like research papers. Half my college tuition is paid for in scholarships that I’ve received for writing them. You say research and I come running. But that’s not even real writing. It’s just restating facts that I’ve read in a book or off the internet or something. If you asked me to write creatively, sure I could do it. Do I wanna? Absolutely not. I just don’t have time for it. I’m too busy for this middle school crap. Word counts are my enemy. But I guess I’m kind of a hypocrite, since I write in a sea journal almost daily during the summer months, just because I have way too much to say but no one to tell it to, you know, because I’m sooo busy and all.

I once wrote this paper on organ transplants on the black market and seriously, it was the greatest research paper I’ve ever written, even better than the one I wrote on the use of the cocoa bean in South American culture. My Biology teacher, Mrs Banerjee, thought it was gold too so I sent it into this scholarship thing and who knew! I won! I’d never won anything before. It was such a good feeling. Ever since then I’ve been writing them for a slew of different things but lately I’ve been off my A-game. I can write papers, but even if they have a little bit of importance to them, I freeze up and the paper is awful. So Help?