This semester in English 1102, I’ve learned a whole lot. I know that I’m a good writer, just maybe not the kind of writing that I wish it was. I’m really lame with writing analyses and research papers but I can make up a damn good story. Score for me. But what I really learned in this class is that my views or opinions are not the only views or opinions that matter. I popped that bubble and discovered that of course I have to look at an argument several ways and be broad about what I’m thinking. In my research paper on terrorism, I saw that besides America, there are several countries that are dealing with national security problems that I never even thought about. Like Canada, who wants to attack Canada? Well apparently someone does.


AND I’ve learned a whole lot about the media and beauty and American ideals. I shouldn’t “think Kardashian” like I have been because it’s not right and it’s not fair to people who are looking to make peace with themselves. I’m always conscious about what I’m reading or what product I’m buying now.


I’ve always been into journalism, but I haven’t really found my path yet, whether it has something to do with writing or not, I know that I’ll at least be able to write a clear and concise paper that takes into account all angles, thanks to books like “Beyond Words” and “The Curious Researcher.” Thank goodness for this class, although 8 am isn’t exactly an ideal time. Ever.