Arby’s has been known for its “creative” advertisements over the years. This is an example of one of their more colorful options. Shown are two hamburgers side by side with a pair of arms crossing over themselves to cover up the burger, implying a pair of breasts. Clearly woman’s roles in advertising haven’t really changed over the years as much as we would have liked, and this is a funny yet intensely sexual example of that. Their tagline is “something you’ll drool over.” Ah yes, of course it is. An ad like this is completely unoriginal and seen all too often but with different items, i.e. melons, basketballs, you know what I’m talking about.

This ad is a clear target for men, because who doesn’t like a nice set of boobs? If it were for women, I’m sure the burgers would be in different spots. The pathos appeal here is that it uses instinct and desire to really draw you into reading the rest of the advertisements, a clever but obvious move. Bright colors draw our eyes in even more. The image is huge and right in the center of the page where as they don’t even display the name of the burger. What am I supposed to order once I get to where? Oh, Arby’s, a nice logo tucked away into the corner of the paper. Smart move, Arby’s.

Peer comments: Philemon Miller and Preston West