“You have to know your thesis before you start.”

I highly disagree. Usually when I start writing a paper, I rant on for about tow or three pages just to figure out what interest me the most about the subject, and I build a thesis from there. Often ill write parts of the body paragraphs first, as unconventional as that is. But it gives me a good me a good foundation on how I should structure my paper better.

“You can use your own views and experiences as observation.”

Absolutely! In all of my papers, around half of what I write is me talking, not facts or research that Ive gathered and that makes a paper so much more interesting to write, and read. Id love to know why a writer chose the topic they chose, and talking about your own experiences is a great way to help the reader understand. Most people want to hear what you have to say about something, whether they agree with it or not.

“Form matters more than content.”

I disagree. Form is just as important as content. The most boring papers can have perfect form, but if no one wants to read it, then why put in all that hard work? Yet, someone can write an amazing research paper and make excellent points and that’s all fantastic, but professionalism is also very important and if I wanted my paper to be taken seriously by a publication or even an average reader of course I wouldn’t want to look messy.